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Free calendar

Cause holiday calendar

Enhance your culture by acknowledging, celebrating, and supporting the cause holidays your company and employees care about.

Available in Google and Outlook Calendars.

Google Cause Holiday Calendar

When you subscribe to the Cause Holiday Calendar, it will: 

  • Provide timely insights into upcoming cause holidays.
  • Allow you to plan in the future for engaging and inclusive employee events.

There is something for everyone:

Many HR, People, and Social Impact leaders struggle to find particular cause holidays that align with their company and employees. With a Cause Calendar, there really is something for everyone. Cause holidays give employers the chance to recognize and support the issues and causes employees want to fight for and believe in.

These days, weeks, and months allow your company to make sure your celebration, education, and social impact efforts are executed during times when you can accentuate the most interest and drive the highest engagement.

High-level steps involved:

  1. Subscribe to the calendar.
  2. Look a month or two ahead to find the holidays that align with your brand and employees’ passions.
  3. Unite your team around a celebration, education session (i.e. lunch & learn), volunteer event, matching campaign, etc. to commemorate the holidays that fit with your company.

Need help planning a social impact event? Percent Pledge’s social impact experts can help you celebrate cause holidays in a meaningful and impactful way. Contact us at contact@percentpledge.org.

Subscribe to the cause holiday calendar 👇

Available in Google and Outlook Calendars.
Calendar continues year after year.