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Top-rated social impact platform

Elevate employee engagement with social impact

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Get the modern platform you need to achieve all your social impact objectives. Zero-to-manage for you. Fun-to-use for your employees. Free, fast implementation.


Globalize your giving

With our Giving Platform, say hello to:

  • Boosted engagement
  • Global impact
  • Real-time tracking

Transform engagement

With our Volunteering Platform, say hello to:

  • Effortless event management
  • Endless volunteer events
  • Easy team-bonding
Volunteer Events

Simplify volunteer events

With our Volunteer Events, say hello to:

  • Boosted employee morale
  • Stress-free volunteer events 
  • Enhanced community impact 

Join the hundreds of companies that rely on Percent Pledge for easy, engaging, and successful social impact.

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Customer.io engaged 90% of employees in its Giving & Volunteering Program.

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DRW outperformed the goal of its Annual Giving Challenge by 3,419%.

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Ilia Beauty engaged 100% of employees in its Annual Volunteer Service Day.