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Employee Passion Assessment Lite

Create and manage an effective and engaging social impact program by asking employees 5 key questions.

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Reasons to begin with a Passion Assessment:

  • Makes your program more employee-driven, which leads to far better employee engagement and inclusion.
  • Provides invaluable insights into what employees care about most + how employees want to give back.

Studies have shown that the most effective and engaging social impact programs include the causes employees feel a personal connection to. That's why Percent Pledge administers Employee Passion Assessments before building each company's unique giving program – where we've learned that 90% of employees feel that having opportunities to give back would improve their work experience!

High-level steps involved:

  1. Employees complete Passion Assessment, share their favorite causes and current giving habits.
  2. Collect and analyze company-wide results.
  3. Create a company-wide Passion Report.
  4. Leverage results to make your giving program more engaging and inclusive.

“We are big on feedback, so the Passion Assessment was huge for us. We knew that it was built for our team and not just another pulse survey. It allowed us to build a program that was grassroots, data-driven, and authentically Feedonomics, instead of us speaking for employees.”
Brett, People Empowerment @ Feedonomics

Download the Passion Assessment to start (or enhance) your social impact program 👇