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5 ways to engage the unengaged

Engage your employees in your workplace philanthropy program with 5 strategies recommended by industry experts.

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When your company utilizes your workplace philanthropy program for engagement, it will:

  • Make your social impact program more inclusive leading to far better employee engagement.
  • Build your social impact program to be proactive, inherently becoming more impactful.
  • Attract incoming talent as Millennials & GenZ look for purpose-driven and intentional companies.

With corporate giving as the leading engagement strategy, People, Culture, and Social Impact leaders are currently adopting workplace giving programs but don’t have a clear path to leveraging the program to connect employees to each other and the communities they serve. That’s why Percent Pledge hosted a webinar with the following panelists, who currently lead highly engaging corporate giving programs with thoughtful and unique strategies.

  1. Joel Pollick, Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge
  2. Gene Gurkoff, Founder @ Charity Miles

This webinar provided company leaders with immediate action items on how you can effectively engage your employees in workplace giving.

Download the 5 key strategies & webinar recording to engage the unengaged👇