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6 ways to enhance DEI efforts with social impact

Enhance DEI efforts with 6 strategies recommended by industry experts from Cloudera, G2, & VMware.

6 ways to enhance DEI efforts with social impact

When you connect your diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) efforts with social impact, it will:

  • Make your social impact program more inclusive leading to far better employee engagement.
  • Build your social impact program to be proactive, inherently becoming more impactful.
  • Attract incoming talent as Millennials & GenZ look for purpose-driven and intentional companies.

Businesses are becoming increasingly thoughtful about managing their DEI and social impact efforts. That’s why Percent Pledge hosted a webinar with Lilly Giraldo (Sr. Manager, Social Impact @ Cloudera), Kirstin Powdrill (Community & Culture @ G2), and Meriem Bekka (Sr. Manager, Social Impact @ VMware), all speaking firsthand from their best practices. This webinar provided company leaders immediate action items (attendees reported) on uniting their teams around social impact.

“Don't forget to give yourself time for the journey and don’t be afraid to start.”
Kirstin, Community & Culture Specialist @ G2

Download the 6 key strategies & webinar recording to connect your DEI efforts with social impact 👇