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5 ways to help employees do good proactively

Enhance rapid response efforts with 5 strategies recommended by industry experts.

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When your company rapidly responds, it will:

  • Make your social impact program more inclusive leading to far better employee engagement.
  • Build your social impact program to be proactive, inherently becoming more impactful.
  • Attract incoming talent as Millennials & GenZ look for purpose-driven and intentional companies.

People, Culture, and Social Impact leaders are now turning to social impact programs as the most effective and proactive way for their companies to support their employees to take action and help the communities in need during urgent and emotional events. That’s why Percent Pledge hosted a webinar with the following panelists, who manage and improve their social impact and rapid response efforts.

  1. Joel Pollick, Founder & CEO @ Percent Pledge
  2. Joel Guzman, Director, Office, and Employee Experience @ Suzy

This webinar provided company leaders with immediate action items on how to proactively help their employees do good during challenging times.

"The most important thing is to listen to your employees. Listen to what they are saying and thinking, whether it's on an internal slack channel or social media. Listen to what's important to them, and that'll give you a very good starting point to the causes you want to pay close attention to."
Joel, Director, Office, and Employee Experience @ Suzy

Download the 5 key strategies & webinar recording to proactively help your employees do good during challenging times👇